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Let's bust some common divorce myths

You don't have to look very far to find some oft-repeated divorce myths. You may have seen them in print. You may have heard them from friends. You may even have been told these myths by people who already got divorced and sound like they know what they're talking about.

The positive side of divorce

People often focus on the difficult parts of a divorce. They talk about having trouble dividing their assets or their time with the children. They worry about the future financial impact of going down to one income. They wonder how to break the news to people who are close to them. Older couples may worry about their retirement plans if they split up.

When you see divorce is coming, take steps to protect yourself

People who are going through a divorce have likely seen signs of it coming for a while. Most marriages dissolve over time instead of just ending suddenly. For some people, it's easy to miss the signs that the relationship is breaking down, but there are some common signals that are often present.

Signs the strength of your marriage is eroding

It's very unlikely that a person will find a divorce to be a complete surprise because there are usually signs that the marriage is on its last legs. Knowing these signs might help you to address them before the erode the marriage to the point of it becoming irreparable. If there's not any chance of improving things, knowing these signs can warn you that you should prepare for divorce.

What to know about divorce after 50

Divorce can be an emotional experience for those ending their marriages in Massachusetts and throughout the country. In many cases, managing emotions is one of the biggest tasks a person will undertake during the divorce process. However, it is also important to focus on the financial issues that a divorce can cause. In addition to an attorney, it may be worthwhile to hire a financial adviser who can help an individual assess the assets that they will need as a single person.

How a postnuptial agreement could help a married couple

Some couples in Massachusetts and other states have decided that a postnuptial agreement is right for their circumstances. This is a legal contract that is between an individual and their spouse. The purpose of creating this contract is to protect assets that a couple acquires throughout the time that they are married in case they divorce in the future.

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