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Your child wants to live with your ex. Now what?

When you and your ex got divorced, you had a very young child. The court did not consider what the child wanted, on the grounds that they were too young, but just decided on what was in their best interests. That meant they lived with you most of the time and saw your ex on the weekends.

Help your children adjust to having divorced parents

One of the most troubling things for children who have parents going through a divorce is figuring out how to handle the transitions that are coming. They might worry about how they're going to be able to move from one house to the other without always feeling like they're starting over again.

Finding the right joint custody schedule for a family

When people in Massachusetts decide to divorce, they may wonder how best to share parenting duties. Child custody issues can be some of the most emotionally draining aspects of a divorce, even when the parents are amicable and plan to split custody. In most cases, both parents want to maintain a high level of involvement with their children although the schedule and plan may vary greatly depending on employment schedules. It may make more sense for one parent to have primary physical custody and the other visitation or for both parents to share physical custody.

Looking out for the children's best interests when co-parenting

For a person going through a divorce in Massachusetts, processing their own pain and helping the children to cope with their feelings are two of the top priorities. No matter how difficult it is, another priority that a divorced individual should have is working with their co-parent to make decisions that will benefit the children.

What to do about a difficult coparent

When parents in Massachusetts get a divorce, they may still be linked for years by their children. If one parent is narcissistic and manipulative, this relationship can be very difficult. Parents need to find a way to be reliable for their children and not let the other parent's behavior get to them.

How to request a child custody modification

During divorce proceedings for parents in Massachusetts, a judge typically makes a decision regarding child custody. However, if at some point after the divorce is final one or both of the parents want to change the decision, they need to go through the proper channels to request a modification.

The different types of custody arrangement to consider

When filing for custody of a child in Massachusetts, many parents become so caught up in the general tasks that they forget the specifics. According to, parents need to consider the differences between legal and physical child custody. They also need to understand parenting time arrangements and the four custody types allowed in the state.

The difficulties of securing parental rights for LGBTQ couples

When the Obama administration helped to make marriage possible for the LGBTQ community, it was a bittersweet moment. It brought them one step closer to having rights similar to heterosexual couples, but not exactly. One of the biggest outstanding issues was establishing parental rights for both parents when they started a family. This was tricky even when one spouse gave birth to the child and the other spouse was the biological donor.

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