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If I don't want a divorce, can I stop it?

One of the most common questions about divorce comes from those who don't want to split up. For instance, maybe your spouse told you that they think you should end the marriage and they plan to file for divorce. You want to stay together and work things out. Can you prevent or stop the divorce? Do you have any say in this process?

No-fault divorce

The truth is that you do not have any way to prevent a divorce. Due to the rise of no-fault divorce, reasons for the split are no longer needed and any married person has a right to file for divorce, regardless of what their spouse wants.

You may be tempted to simply ignore your spouse and refuse to work with them as they get the legal process started, thinking that they can't end the marriage without your cooperation. This is also a myth, however, as they do not need your cooperation and they can even get a default divorce without your input.

In fact, ignoring your spouse and forcing them to ask the court for a default divorce actually works against your own best interests. You get to fight for your rights in a normal divorce case, such as your right to the assets you own or to see your children. If you don't cooperate, you lose the chance to address these issues, and the court just decides what your future is going to look like.

What should you do?

Rather than trying to stop this from happening, your best option is to carefully look into the legal steps you can take, focusing on what life will look like after the split.

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