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The positive side of divorce

People often focus on the difficult parts of a divorce. They talk about having trouble dividing their assets or their time with the children. They worry about the future financial impact of going down to one income. They wonder how to break the news to people who are close to them. Older couples may worry about their retirement plans if they split up.

All of these are important areas to consider, but don't assume that divorce is all negative. There are some potential positive outcomes, as well, and it's wise to consider them.

For instance, maybe you're trapped in a high-conflict marriage where you and your spouse argue a lot. This can create a lot of stress not just for you, but also for your children. Removing them from that stress is a benefit that can impact their entire lives.

Naturally, if this conflict got to the point of verbal, physical or emotional abuse, it's also very positive to remove yourself and the children from that environment. Children who are subjected to this behavior often repeat it when they grow up, so putting an end to it can help them grow in a more positive fashion.

Plus, you shouldn't feel trapped in any marriage in 2020. Maybe you and your spouse drifted apart. Maybe their financial mistakes are a hindrance in your life. Maybe you think they're having an affair. No matter the reason, you need to know that you do have personal freedom and a right to happiness.

If you decide that it is time to get divorced, take a moment to look into your legal options. The future may be brighter than you can currently imagine.

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