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Negotiations during a divorce must be handled carefully

The process of going through a divorce means that you're going to have to make a lot of decisions about various aspects of your life. This includes figuring out who is going to get what in the property division agreement and what's going to happen with the children. For many people, all of this happens during a series of negotiations. While this method of resolving things does provide you with more control over what happens, it isn't always easy to do because you're working so closely with your ex.

Each aspect of the end of the marriage must be handled separately from the others. You can't let what happens in the child custody aspect determine what's going to happen with property division. Keeping things compartmentalized like this enables you to ensure the decisions you're making are because they are what's best for the situation and not based on how you feel about other determinations.

You need to ensure that you understand exactly what's happening. Knowing what's going on with the finances and how various divisions can affect your future will help you with the property division decisions. You and your ex will likely have a wide berth to do things as you see fit in this area.

Understanding what's possible with child custody might be a bit more complex because the court considers what's in the best interests of the children. This may limit the arrangement that you and your ex can agree to when you're figuring out what to do about the children.

The negotiations can become rather intense, so you and your ex will need to work carefully. Try not to let your emotions rule you during this process. Be prepared to take a step back to think about things if they're getting too heated, and work with a divorce team that helps you to protect yourself.

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