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Why women divorce

Despite the persistent stereotype of a middle-aged woman being left by her husband for a younger woman, almost 70% of divorces in Massachusetts and the rest of the United States are initiated by wives. All divorces are unique in their own way, but several issues are cited repeatedly by women as reasons for divorcing.

Women often feel like marriage is holding them back. Now that most women have entered the workforce, they are expected to contribute financially to the household as well as continue to do the lion's share of the household work. They can be left feeling like they have to do it all anyway, so they may as well do it on their own. If their careers are flourishing while their husbands' are floundering, wives may chafe at having to downplay their success.

In addition to doing most of the housework, women continue to do most of the emotional work in a marriage. They tend to be the ones who work on communication issues and processing emotions. Often, men rely on their wives to be their sole source of emotional support while women usually have a wider circle of friends to lean on for help. This may make them less emotionally dependent on their husbands and more willing to divorce.

Finally, women are less likely to tolerate cheating from their husbands than they used to be. In the past, women were likely to turn a blind eye to infidelity to avoid financial ruin; now that they are able to support themselves financially, most women will choose to divorce rather than stay with an abusive or disloyal spouse. Couples who are divorcing, regardless of which partner initiates it, may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer experienced in family law. There are a number of complicated issues that can arise during a divorce, and a lawyer may help sort out these issues.

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