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Research study and Google point to January as top divorce month

People in troubled marriages in Massachusetts might view the end-of-year holiday season as their precursor to divorce. University researchers who looked at the timing of divorce filings found that they go up in January across multiple states. Trends in Google internet searches also reveal a heightened interest in divorce subjects in the second week of January. At Pinterest, searches for divorce party ideas rise by over 20% from December to January.

Divorce attorneys are quite familiar with the seasonal spike in new divorce clients and filings. Multiple reasons drive people to end their marriages with the New Year. For people who dislike their family situation, another miserable holiday season might inspire them to end their relationships. Parents, on the other hand, primarily express interest in granting their children one last holiday season with everyone together before moving forward with a divorce. They like to delay family discussions about divorce until after the holidays have passed.

In general, the arrival of the New Year often marks a point in people's lives when they want to make a fresh start. Among people experiencing dissatisfaction in marriage, filing for divorce in January offers them a chance to launch new lives with the New Year.

Serious thought and preparation normally go into the decision to divorce. A person considering this possibility could speak with a family law attorney about the process. An attorney might describe how a divorce may affect finances, homeownership and access to children. Legal support might guide a person through the initial court filings and development of the divorce settlement. As the divorce unfolds, an attorney may strive to keep discussions focused on productive compromises instead of arguments. If disputes persist, a person might ask an attorney to litigate a divorce, especially if money or child custody is at stake.

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