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Financial and emotional challenges women face after divorce

Couples in Massachusetts going through a divorce may face different challenges. Evidence suggests that some of the obstacles faced by women are not faced in the same way by men. An example of this is the financial challenges that many women face after divorce.

In a recent survey, women were asked to rank their concerns about divorce. Not surprisingly, money concerns ranked on the top of the list. For many women, concerns about money were greater than concerns about their children. It could be argued that this reflects the fact that money concerns are intertwined with child caring concerns women may have after divorce.

Statistics show that women have an income that is just 81% of what men have on average. After divorce, a woman may experience a decline in her income. By contrast, men typically experience a 30% increase in their income after a divorce.

Those with children may have worries about providing for their children. A survey showed that three in four women were concerned about their children's welfare after divorce. Part of that concern is that if they have custody of their children, they might not be able to provide enough money to care for them or put them through school.

In order to be able to take care of their children, women need to be able to care for themselves first. Some women turn to financial planners, spiritual advisers and others to help them care for their financial and emotional well-being while going through a divorce.

Divorce can be complicated as financial concerns connected to divorce are regulated by a number of federal and local laws. A family law attorney may be able to help a woman going through a divorce to better understand the laws that pertain to her case with the goal of helping her make decisions that should benefit her in the long run.

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