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Should you have a prenup?

If you are getting married in Massachusetts you are probably not thinking about divorce, and a prenuptial agreement may be the last thing on your mind. However, having one can protect you and your spouse from losing key assets or from gaining debt in the event your marriage does break apart. Even in the happiest of relationships, a prenup can be beneficial.

According to, a prenuptial agreement is not only for the rich. First, it forces you to have tough, but important, conversations about finances. If divorce never occurs, having these conversations early on can help and strengthen your marriage, especially during hard times. In the event of divorce, a prenup allows you both to be in control of what happens to your finances rather than letting the courts decide. 

What should you include in a prenup? Definitely outline how you will divide up assets and debt, but this is also the time to include certain lifestyle considerations. These may include:

  • Pet custody
  • Gag orders
  • Consequences for cheating
  • Social media clauses

Are you already married and starting to regret you did not sign a prenup? Do not fret, because you can still sign a postnuptial agreement. Forbes discusses you can sign a postnup early in your marriage or years into it. You can include the same things in a postnup as in a prenup, and there is a better chance you will be able to pinpoint areas of conflict and narrow down details. Instead of thinking of these agreements as a path to divorce, look at them as a way to talk about difficult things when your relationship is healthy as opposed to when you are both bitter and angry. 


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