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How to deal with your first holiday season without the children

Divorced parents in Massachusetts may be dealing with a number of issues around the holidays, and if it is your first holiday without your children, you may be dreading it. Whether you are newly divorced or your kids are spending the holiday with your ex-spouse, you are probably struggling with a variety of emotions. There are a number of tips that may help you get through the holiday smoothly.

According to Psychology Today, one crucial thing to remember about this first holiday is the children are especially upset and sensitive to the fact things are different. No matter what your feelings are towards your ex, it is important to remain civil and keep the lines of communication open. One way to deal with the holidays is to let go of past traditions and come up with new ones. Even if your kids are spending Christmas week with your ex, you can create Christmas traditions before or after so you still get to celebrate together.

If your income is less than that of your ex, there may be stress around gift giving. If possible, come up with a price limit so one party does not out-give the other one.

Psych Central discusses that it is ok, and important, to admit you are sad and upset about spending the holidays alone. Take time to grieve and embrace the sadness because holding it back can lead to issues later on. Reach out to others and, if necessary, gently remind them you will be by yourself. Accept invitations to spend time with others. No matter what the holiday brings, know that even if this year is hard, you will learn how to cope and other holidays will not be as bad. 



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