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Do you need to re-do your custody agreement for the school year?

If you are divorced and have kids in Massachusetts, sending the kids back to school can throw a wrench into your custody arrangement with your ex-spouse. Even if your custody schedule worked perfectly last school season, there are many reasons why it may not be so great this year. If this is the case, make sure you work together and/or with an attorney to come up with a legal modification plan that works in everyone's best interest.

According to Huffington Post, children's schedules can change dramatically and quickly. They may get more involved in their favorite activities or switch to a new school that is further away. When this occurs, the custody agreement may need to be changed to accommodate their schedules and developmental needs. The agreement should also work with your and your ex's schedules, as it may be easier for one parent to take care of the children during the week.

Communication is also huge when considering a custody modification. Both parents must be able to communicate plans clearly and neutrally so the children's needs are being met with little to no drama.

If you have determined that a modification is in order, FindLaw outlines how these changes can be decided. While the court must approve any change request, the easiest way to do this is to sit down with your ex and come up with a plan you both agree on. In situations in which the parents cannot decide, a mediator can be helpful in keeping things civil and fair. Finally, a hearing in front of the judge can be requested when no arrangement can be agreed upon. Involving the court directly usually requires a major change in circumstances, and it costs more money, so being able to discuss and decide on the modification with your spouse directly is the best way.



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