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Financial problems and child support payments

Parents lose the ability to pay child support for different reasons, such as a health crisis that came out of the blue or a reduction in work hours or the termination of a position altogether. Unfortunately, a parent who is facing financial problems may experience additional hardships if they fall behind on their child support order. For example, they may run the risk of being arrested or face many other complications, from tax refund interception to losing the ability to travel overseas. As a result, you should look into your options if you expect to find yourself out of work and are worried about staying caught up on child support.

If major financial changes have created challenges in your life, you might be able to have your child support order modified. The modification of a child support order can help ensure that you do not fall behind by making it much easier to make your payments on time. Unfortunately, parents who ignore these considerations may fall behind on their obligations and see their life spiral out of control.

Even when a parent does not lose his or her job, financial challenges may arise unexpectedly. For example, someone may spend too much money at a casino without realizing it or become a victim of theft. In these instances, it may be necessary to make changes to one’s lifestyle that minimize the likelihood of becoming delinquent on child support obligations.

Our law office fully realizes how complicated these matters can be and our web site offers more information related to paying child support.

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