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Benefits of a postnuptial agreement

Married couples in Massachusetts may have entered into the union without a prenuptial agreement because the thought of separation seemed impossible. However, once the honeymoon stage has passed, one or both spouses may realize it would be beneficial to write up an agreement that defines certain aspects of the marriage. This can be done after the I-Dos have been said, and it is called a postnuptial agreement. 

In many cases, a postnuptial agreement has the same information that is typically found in a prenup, and this can make it much easier in the event the couple decides to separate or divorce. The USA Today talks about how this type of agreement helps couples discuss their finances, each partner's philosophy about money and mutual lifetime goals. The couple should talk about separate and marital property and decide how to manage them and how they would be divided in the event of divorce.

Along with getting on the same page about money, ABC News discusses other reasons for a postnuptial agreement. It can help define spousal maintenance in the event one spouse chooses to stay home to raise children. It also outlines what happens if one inherits money at some point in the marriage. It is also beneficial in marriages in which one or both spouses is divorced and has children from previous relationships.

A postnup is helpful when one or both spouses own their own business, as it can provide an extra layer of protection. It can also be a bargaining tool if one spouse has been unfaithful and he or she wants to show commitment to the marriage. Even when divorce seems impossible, it is smart to sit down and come to an agreement around finances, as this will help cut down on certain stresses in the marriage.





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