Leo, a Child Support client

A++++++++ Highly recommended!!! Best Family Attorney!! Thanks so much for your help.
Nicole was very knowledgeable with my child support case, she knew all the proper motions to file. She got me in and out of court each time we went and was right on what she said during her free consultation. I highly recommend her and if needed I would 100% hire her again. Thanks so much for your help!


Calvin, a Divorce client

Attorney Armstrong is very pointed, prompt, diligent, and well versed in the subject matter. She quickly understands the relative task at hand, seeks and achieves a very favorable result successfully. I would recommend her any day, without hesitation. She's one of the best!


Tom, a Divorce client

Overall a very competent and effective lawyer for my situation who helped me through the process and worked out a deal that was all that I could hope for. I felt that Ms. Armstrong was effective in negotiations and knew what was a fair end result and was able to drive to that end. She was able to educate me on areas where I was inexperienced in a way that was easy to accept - for example division of $ that was not to my expectations. She was able to convey to me that my view was not the standard way that $ was divided and gently made me realize that my initial view was flawed. Ms. Armstrong was responsive during the lengthy process. Over many months, I always received a phone or email response in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Ms. Armstrong to other potential clients.


Alex, a Divorce client

I highly recommend Attorney Nicole Armstrong to any person going through a divorce. When I hired Nicole I was 9 months into my case with another attorney and facing some major obstacles. I was at risk of losing custody of my kids, paying an extreme child support and loosing over 25k in credit card debt my ex-wife had racked up post separation. I was desperate and scared as I am sure anyone going through this would be. In short Nicole Armstrong ensured the law applied correctly to my case and she got me shared custody of my children, a reduced fair support and I recovered the 25k in credit card debt.

I strongly suggest to anyone going through a divorce to ensure they hire the right attorney. The outcome is not based on logic its 100% dependent on the representation you have. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable about family law; she is responsive, fair and transparent. Nicole came highly recommend to me and I in turn highly recommend you to at least vet her before hiring an attorney.


Jack, a Child Custody client

Do I feel comfortable recommending Nicole? That would be without hesitation. From the first minute in her office I knew I had chosen the right person for the job. You will too, there is no other way. I came to her for a divorce. Then less than a week later I placed a tough 3 state Non Biological Father custody case on her lap and within what seemed like minutes she had a plan in place and I felt secure for my family. She got us into court on an emergency hearing for temporary custody and my wonderful daughter would remain safe in our house. Now came the objections from the biological parents and I did not worry. Laughing a bit here as I am sure Nicole was very happy that I did not have to speak in court. She relayed my words with accuracy in my twisted language proper enough and legal enough to say what I wanted without having to include a few choice phrases. She kept me completely informed every step of the way. No paper got filed without the changes I wanted. She kept me at ease.. she walked me through and kept me calm and when I say this was a complicated case believe me I think covering 3 states and some other messes is kind of a complication. Especially that one of those states has some sort of we hold jurisdiction clause and worse that was the state that the biological father resided and he was the main fight. She made me not worry. She is full of hope and happiness so that even when you are worried the most, you instantly smile and remain calm. As each new obstacle got placed in front of her she found a way to accomplish it and make it work. She cares about her clients, she is not just an attorney, she is a person who wants only the best for her clients and she will stay up late to make sure it gets done right. In two days I will be signing the final custody paperwork and my daughter will not have to ever worry about leaving her home again.

We are forever grateful to you Nicole.